Look for Santa and Mrs Claus as we drive through the Twin Cities with our festive Reindeer decorated car and  C Santa on the license plate

Santa Carlucci

Cheryl Claus

  • Santa Carlucci and Cheryl Claus are the premiere Santa Claus and Mrs Claus entertainers in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul Minnesota

  • Small home visits to large ball room corporate galas 

  • Story telling with amazing props from long ago as well as futuristic

  • Real reindeer sleigh rides, exotic petting zoos, carolers, musicians, more

  • Online video chatting ideal for children that Santa can't visit in person

  • Costuming for any style of party: casual, elegant, old world, or classic

  • Entertains all ages including adult parties with party appropriate humor
  • Capabilities way beyond your expectations, check out the Services page

  •  All your party needs can be provided by Your Santa Too 

Hire Santa Claus and Mrs Claus in Minneapolis / St Paul Mn 

​Santa Carlucci’s Sleigh Text / Phone  952 - 210 - 9232



  • parades / special event appearences

  • master of ceremonies / special occasions


  • film performances / commercials

  • photo shoots / MODELING​ / product promotions 




Proudly serving the Twin Cities since 1993